20 divine wines evening

In June, we propose to you 3 exceptional evenings to (re)discover the richness of the great vineyards of Bourgogne, in the presence of the winemakers of 3 prestigious domains... 3 exceptional dinners to taste some of our bottles on the menu of "20 divine wines". Come and discover the Domaine Taupenot-Merme at Allard's on June 14, Domaine du Château de Marsannay at Rech's on June 22 and Domaine Bertagna at Benoit's on June 28 during a tasting and a special menu in the presence of the winemakers. Reservation required

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Spring on the menu

The first daffodils put their spots of sunshine in the gardens, the day is gaining ground over the night and the swallows are back: yes, that's it, spring is coming. Great news for everyone and especially for cooks. Charlotte Bringant loves this change of season and its procession of new products that she welcomes with enthusiasm on the Allard menu. The queen of the season is asparagus. The reputation of the white variety, Landes asparagus, is well established. Grown on the sandy soils of Gascony, in the mild Atlantic climate, its flavour and texture are absolutely unique. Charlotte offers a plain version, as a starter. And then there is the green asparagus, with a wilder personality and a more pronounced taste. This one, Charlotte mixes it with mushrooms or associates it in a more surprising way with sweetbread. But this beginning of spring has many other gourmet pleasures in store. For example, the first poivrade artichokes, so tender and fragrant, which go wonderfully well with cod. Or even the first wild garlic (the season is short, you have to take advantage of it!) which accompanies the saddle of lamb (another emblematic product of the season). To celebrate the arrival of the first strawberries, Charlotte dares to combine it with foie gras: they bring a very welcome note of freshness. These strawberries, with another seasonal product, rhubarb, also accompany a delicious fermented yogurt ice cream. Yes, definitely, spring is coming and the Allard menu pays a magnificent tribute to it. Another excellent reason to book your table very right now!

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20 divine wines

Very beautiful bottles at very accessible prices… So that connoisseurs can rediscover the taste of great terroirs in complete freedom, Alain Ducasse and Gérard Margeon, his head sommelier, offer a special selection of twenty wines from Burgundy, Rhône and Bordeaux. The initiative takes place in three Parisian restaurants of Maison Ducasse, Allard, Benoit and Rech, emblematic addresses for the pleasure of eating and drinking well. In each of these establishments, the sommelier will present you with a specific menu detailing this offer and will guide you in your choice. To give you even more freedom, some of these vintages will be offered to you by the glass, from magnums. ... for the pleasure of eaters-drinkers... This selection offers a journey through the best French wine regions. For example, for Burgundy, Domaine Albert Grivault and Vigne de l'Hospice de Dijon in white and Domaine Bertagna or Domaine Sérafin Père & fils in red. In the Rhône Valley: Domaine Guigal in white or Château de Beaucastel in red. And, in Bordeaux, the Château d'Yquem for the sweet wine and the Château La Fleur-Pétrus for the red. … and for the influence of the great terroirs. The initiative is part of the continuity of Alain Ducasse's fight in favour of producers and terroirs. For many years, it has accompanied market gardeners, fishermen, breeders, all farmers and artisans of taste. Today, this initiative extends to the wine ecosystem and largely highlights the terroirs and the know-how of the women and men who work there.

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The best profiteroles in Paris

Profiterole is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic desserts of Parisian bistros. One of its first appearances in pastry books is in Antonin Carême's Le cuisinier royal parisien (The Royal Parisian Cook), published in 1828. Charlotte Bringant enthuses: "It's a wonderful dessert: it's very tempting, very authentic, it pleases a lot. And in addition, as it is quite technical, it is very interesting to prepare". In fact, the profiterole subtly plays on the contrast of cold ice cream and hot chocolate sauce. Charlotte’s interpretation of this classic is simply irresistible. The ice cream comes from Alain Ducasse’s Manufacture de glace. It is an ice cream made with three vanillas: from Mexico for its hint of peppery taste, from Tahiti for its sweetness and the Pompana from Madagascar for its finesse. While the classic assembly consists of putting the ice cream in the puff, here it is presented on the side. The puff is filled with a crème diplomate, that is to say a crème pâtissière to which whipped cream is incorporated to make it more airy. And finally, the chocolate sauce. To make it, Charlotte chose the 75% dark chocolate from Alain Ducasse’s Manufacture de chocolat, which she softens with a hint of milk to give it more roundness while retaining all of its personality. No wonder these profiteroles were named among the Best Profiteroles in Paris by Le Figaroscope (March 1, 2022)!

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