Escargots - La Carte Restaurant Allard

An encounter, a shared philosophy, a new culinary adventure !

In this authentic Parisian bistro, tradition is still alive and well. The cuisine perpetuates a certain bourgeois tradition full of conviviality. The tastes are direct and the recipes sincere, the atmosphere and setting deliciously old-fashioned.

The menu evolves according to the seasons yet a few emblematic dishes such as Fernande Allard-style frog legs, Confit duck foie gras, Fillet of duckling with olives or Rum savarin with whipped cream always occupy a place of choice.

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Allard loves

New York
Homard bleu à l'américaine - Allard

Discover some of chef Laëtitia Rouabah’s favorite New York dishes: American-style Blue Lobster, Beef Flap Chuck and sweet delights like Cheesecake. Typically American dishes executed with the verve, generosity and talent that we know her for.

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Les vins - La Carte Restaurant Allard

A wine list in the bistro spirit

The wine list offers a magnificent journey around the French vineyard. The well-known appellations sit alongside the crus of rising stars in the winemakers world. Of course, the Allard spirit inspired the creation of this list and therefore Burgundy is particularly well represented with, in particular, a very fine collection of bottles from the Côte de Nuits and the Côtes de Beaune. Some 350 references are available in the restaurant’s cellar: enough to satisfy all tastes of connoisseurs. And if they hesitate in front of this wide range of choixces, they can be reassured: the sommelier will be happy to guide them.

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Pavé de saumon rôti, courge,
garniture d’une grenobloise - restaurant Allard

During the week-days, for lunch, come and taste the menu specially designed by the chef Laëtitia Rouabah. While scrupulously respecting the Allard spirit, she brings a personal touch to the cuisine. With perfect local produces, she prepares simple, family-style and perfectly executed cuisine.

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